Kay Chapman

Kay is a Trustee of NOTDEC UK.  Working with Janet Johnston, she manages sponsorship for those children who have recently come to NOTDEC Uganda.  In the early days, with fewer children, Janet could manage all the sponsors — handling everything from initial discussions to annual Christmas presents and on-going information about the children as they grew.  With substantially over 100 children and sponsors, Janet now has her hands full.  So Kay has agreed to take responsibility for the newer arrivals — already over 20 of them! 

Kay has sponsored Julia since 2006 and visited NOTDEC Uganda in January 2015.  Look carefully at the bottom of this page, and you'll spot Kay in silhouette, carrying one child and holding the hand of another. That's a pretty accurate reflection of how she spent her time at the orphanage!  She feels that it has been a privilege to be part of Julia’s life, to hear how she is developing and how she’s doing at school. Visiting the orphanage confirmed how important child sponsorship is, and what a huge difference it has made to the daily lives of NOTDEC Uganda’s children. The sponsorship scheme ensures the children are brought up as Ugandans, providing support and encouragement, whilst respecting the culture and traditions of Ugandan life.

“Visiting NOTDEC [Uganda] was the first time I really understood what sponsoring a child means. It’s not just money, but love, support and friendship.”

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