Can NOTDEC avoid paying fees to CAF?


YES – for regular or big donations.  (Otherwise, it's not worth the hassle.  CAF fees are tiny for the time they save you and the work they save us!)

BUT, for regular giving and big one-off donations,  please consider a simple alternative to "Donate" and CAF.

  • Regular donations  If you set up a regular donation in "Donate", NOTDEC UK will pay a fee to CAF every month. To avoid this, don't use "Donate": use Child Sponsorship.  On the enquiry form there, choose "Other Monthly Donation".  We'll then ask you to set up a Standing Order and, if appropriate, fill in a Gift Aid Declaration (on-line or by post).  Hey presto!  Monthly payments with NO fees to CAF.
  • Large one-off donations (£2,000+)  It's the same story. Give via "Donate", and CAF will get a tiny percentage of your cash.  But a small percentage of a large sum is well worth saving.  If you want NOTDEC to pay no CAF fee on your lump sum, again please use the Child Sponsorship form.  There, choose "Other Monthly Donation"; and add a Message saying you want to make a large one-off donation of £X.  If you wish, you can then fill in a Gift Aid Declaration (on-line or by post) and, finally, make a bank transfer or send us a cheque.  Again, a big donation but no cut to CAF.
  • Typical one-off donations  CAF provides a very quick and efficient service at very low cost — including all the admin for reclaiming Gift Aid where relevant.  The CAF fee could be avoided - though we might need to employ someone to do the admin.  But, for standard single donations, it's simply not worth you or NOTDEC UK the effort involved!  Instead, we can both say "thank heavens for CAF!" - and NOTDEC UK can continue to operate with no paid employees.  Gift Aid your donation, and the extra tax we will reclaim on your behalf will dwarf CAF's fee - yet CAF will do all the donkey-work.  The labourer is worthy of his – or her – hire!