Monthly Child Welfare Donations

For technical reasons, Virgin Money Giving no longer accepts regular donations to subsidiary accounts like our Child Welfare Fund.  But it's no big deal: a bank standing order is even better as NOTDEC UK isn't charged even Virgin's tiny fee on each month's donation.  So we're laughing!

Here's what to do...

Please use the Enquiry Form in Child Sponsorship to tell us what you have in mind.  This helps get our records straight from the start — so we're sure to route your money to the Child Welfare Fund.

Please fill in that form, choose "Other Monthly Donation", and write a message saying you'd like to make monthly donations of £X  to the Child Welfare Fund.  If you prefer to work on paper, please include your full postal address for our records.  Then use "Submit" to send your enquiry — and leave the rest to us at NOTDEC UK.  You can be sure we'll be in touch soon,

In a nutshell, we'll ask you to set up a Standing Order and, if appropriate, to fill in a Gift Aid Declaration — both can be done on-line or by post.