Who rubs cream on it?

Kay Chapman 2015 Quiz Profile (she was Kay Wootton then!)

For umpteen years, Kay was a nurse.  She's also a mum to two now grown-up children, and so is used to providing the love, hands-on care and attention that all children need.  Put the two together at NOTDEC Uganda and you have the real deal.  

When Kay was there in January 2015, she spotted several boys with painful minor abrasions, severely cracked lips, small burns etc.  These, she treated with Savlon that she'd taken out with her.  (Other antiseptic creams are available.)  After a few daily "clinics", they were all magically cured!  This underlined NOTDEC Uganda’s need for a proactive on-site nurse.  Doreen, NOTDEC Uganda’s new nurse was duly appointed, providing medical expertise and training the resident house-mothers to play their part in improving the health and well-being of the children.

Nowadays an interior designer; Kay has also used her design skills to great effect at NOTDEC Uganda.  Storage space is at a premium in NOTDEC Uganda’s bungalow houses; so, in each room, Kay installed under-bed drawers, constructed by NOTDEC’s carpenter Sam.  Where space allowed, extra shelves, peg hooks and cupboards were also added, all made in-house by the capable Sam.

To NOTDEC Uganda, Kay brought love, Savlon and design savvy.  These she applied where they were sorely needed. 

It ain't rocket science: and NOTDEC Uganda & UK have no vacancies for astronautic engineers.

But we do need people willing to set to and do whatever it takes, passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference.

That is Kay.