Amazon Smile

We've joined Amazon Smile.  So if you shop with, you can donate to NOTDEC UK at no cost to yourself. 

How to Donate for Free with Amazon Smile

Simply tap or click the orange image and shop with Amazon Smile.  

Amazon will donate to NOTDEC UK 0.5% of what you spend on eligible products.

Your data remains confidential.

The cost to you is unaffected. 

How it Works

Normally when you buy from Amazon in the UK you log into  To donate to NOTDEC when you shop, you use instead.  (That's all the orange blob above does!)  That makes it easier for Amazon to identify the relatively few products that are not eligible for Smile.  It's also where you could change to a different charity if you so choose.  Both Amazon and NOTDEC UK want you to be happy with the choices you make: letting you vote with your feet helps keep us focussed!

It's a Good Deal for All

For YOU           You access money from Amazon's promotional budget that they wouldn't give to you.

For NOTDEC   We get more donations without donors like you shelling out more.

For AMAZON   You may be less likely to shop with competitors who don't support NOTDEC UK.

That's Smiles All Round!