This page is brand new.  It's been set up to celebrate the efforts of some of NOTDEC 's key fundraisers — starting with Martin Haywood and his phenomenal  NOTDEC 4000 bike ride.

Of course, we very much hope it won't end there.

Why not run a fundraiser of your own? — and get YOUR name on NOTDEC's Roll of Honour.

Recent Fundraising Winners

1.  Martin Haywood's NOTDEC 4000

Over ten weeks in 2016, Martin cycled 4,000 miles to raise money for NOTDEC.  With Gift Aid, the total so far is £8,320 ... and counting,



Select red "NOTDEC 4000" icon for the full background story.





Or see Newsletter 160714: Martin Nails It!  (PDF download - 760KB) celebrating the moment that Martin crossed the 4,000 mile finishing line.




2.  Your Fundraising?

You too can help the NOTDEC kids in Uganda.  It's simple. 

All you need is a positive outlook —  plus friends and/or family.

A great fundraising idea might be an added bonus!

Got a Fundraising Idea?

If you already know how you plan to raise money for NOTDEC, please tell us what you have in mind. 

We're very keen to hear your ideas - and may even chip in a few suggestions of our own.

If you plan to use on-line donation (eg via Virgin Money Giving), we'd like to check out your fundraising page before it goes live.  Gift Aid and Charity regulations are complicated, and we want to make sure that NOTDEC follows all the rules.  The alternative could be more than a little embarrassing for both of us!