Aims & Values

NOTDEC Uganda cares for babies and children who have no-one else — abandoned babies, infants whose mothers have died, kids whose families can't cope, children with nobody to look after them.  The mission: to save lives, to give each child a loving Ugandan upbringing, and to nurture and develop their talents.

That's NOTDEC Uganda — the“Nzirambi Orphans Talent Development Centre”.  NOTDEC Uganda was set up by Ugandans, and is run by Ugandans for Ugandans.  The aims and values set out below are therefore those of NOTDEC Uganda — but they are aims and values which NOTDEC UK whole-heartedly endorses and supports.

NOTDEC Uganda aims to provide:

A place to call "home"

We want all our children to have a happy, loving home — a home where they belong — plus all the "home comforts" of food, drink, warmth, shelter, safety and protection.

Love & stability

We want each of our children to know that there is someone who loves and cares for them, someone who will be there through thick and thin — no matter what.

Schooling & life skills

We want each and every one of our children to become thoughtful and useful members of society, able to earn their own living and make their own particular contribution to the lives of their family and the wider community.

Personal & spiritual well-being

We want each child to be healthy and happy.  We teach each child the Christian faith and encourage them to make it their own.

Ugandan values

We bring up the children in the Ugandan culture, speaking the local language and developing links with their wider family, so that they will become good Ugandan citizens.