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    11th November 2020

    Ugandan Thoughts from UK

    COVID-19 means UK Trustees can't deliver Christmas presents to NODEC kids in January 2021.  Janet Johnston & other Trustees reflect on 2020 and on the year to come.

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    21st April 2020

    COVID Chronicles II: The Appeal

    By mid April 2020, due to COVID-19 many families of NOTDEC children were in serious difficulties.

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    2nd April 2020

    COVID Chronicles I: Lockdown Uganda

    Information email sent by Janet Johnston to all supporters during the COVID lockdowns in the UK and Uganda.

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    18th March 2020

    In At The Deep End!

    In January 2020, volunteers Averil & Graham Ballinger visited NOTDEC - their first time in Uganda. Here they tell it as they found it.  

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    30th October 2019

    Something Sensational to Read on the Train?

    Now back at home, Janet Johnston reflects on the Trustees' visit to NOTDEC in September 2019.

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    6th April 2019

    Loving & Giving

    In January 2019, a team of six spent 3 weeks at NOTDEC. First-timer Leila Clare shares her thought about it all.

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    5th October 2018

    Moving On

    Janet Jonston describes monmentous changes at NOTDEC Uganda.

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    1st March 2018

    Meeting Rhona: my trip to NOTDEC Uganda 2018

    On her gap year before University, Becky Tidd is one of the youngest volunteers ever to visit NOTDEC Uganda.  Read her report here.

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    20th July 2017

    New Faces – Same Mission

    Gordon Macdonald describes the induction of NOTDEC Uganda's new Director, Moses and Accountant Annah — and some of NOTDEC's day-to-day work..

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    20th March 2017

    Announcement from Canon Jehoshaphat

    Chairman of NOTDEC Uganda Trustees, Canon Jehoshaphat, has announced a new management structure at Kabirizi - with new senior management posts to match.

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    20th February 2017

    Gordon at NOTDEC — and down on the Farm

    Gordon Macdonald went to see what's what at NOTDEC Uganda — and down on the farm.

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    21st November 2016

    Lessons, Lamination and Learning

    Val Payne describes her visit to NOTDEC Uganda in October/November 2016.

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    26th August 2016

    NOTDEC Insights – it’s all go!

    John & Carlee outline the kinds of issues they addressed on their visit in June 2016

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    14th July 2016

    Martin Nails It !!!

    Martin Haywood completes 4,000 mile bike ride raising money for NOTDEC 's children ’s centre in Uganda.

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    18th March 2016

    Bhav Joshi in Uganda 2016

    Read about Bhav 's trip of a lifetime to NOTDEC Uganda in January 2016.

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    9th November 2015

    NOTDEC Newsreel November 2015

    John & Carlee Leftley’s news from their visit to NOTDEC in October 2015.

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    12th July 2015

    NOTDEC Newsreel July 2015

    John & Carlee are just back from Uganda, so this update is based mainly on their diary.

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    15th February 2015

    My Visit to NOTDEC Uganda January 2015

    Dorothy is the plump African lady who started NOTDEC. But she beats Mo Farah hands down.