Where is NOTDEC Uganda?

Sketch Map of NOTDEC Uganda's Location

NOTDEC Uganda is in western Uganda.  It lies on rolling plains bounded to the south by Lake Edward and Lake George, and to the north by the foothills of the mountains. 

Distant Misty View of the Rwenzori Mountains

But they’re not just any mountains.  Ancient Greek geographer Ptolemy said they were the legendary source of the River Nile, discovered by the merchant Diogenes – peaks whose snow-capped serenity led locals to call them “The Mountains of the Moon”. 

They’re still famous today – if only amongst trekkers – as the iconic Rwenzori Mountains, noted for their high rainfall!

Game on the Plains

The plains too get their name in lights – as the Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

Here be … not dragons, but warthog, buffalo, hippos cooling off in the water, elephants, lions, and birds too varied to mention.

A superb place for watching the wildlife is on the channel between the two lakes.


Looking After the Young

Most people who live near NOTDEC Uganda have never tried trekking or visited the game park. But we took a coachload of kids to see wildlife in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It was magic!

Overview Map


NOTDEC Gazetteer

A109 — The Fort Portal - Mpondwe Road.  It goes SW through Kasese, and turns W (left) at Kikorongo Junction to run past NOTDEC UG.

Kabirizi — nearest village to NOTDEC Uganda 1.5 km (0.9 miles) across the fields north of the A109.

Kagando Hospital — NOTDEC Uganda's nearest hospital 11.13 km (6.92m) away by road.  Go west on the A109 to Kiburara Junction, then north on the murram (dirt) road.

Kasese — NOTDEC Uganda banks at Barclays in Kasese, its nearest town 30.25 km (18.8 miles) to the NE on the A109.

Kiburara — trading centre and road junction 4.5 km (2.8 miles) west of NOTDEC Uganda on the A109.  It is just beyond the river from where NOTDEC Uganda hauls its water.

Kikorongo Junction — 8.16 km (5.07 miles) east of NOTDEC Uganda on the A109 en route to and from Kasese.

Kisinga — village and trading centre 2.30 km (1.45 miles) by murram road north of Kagando Hospital.

Nyamugasani River — 4.25km (2.65 miles) west of NOTDEC Uganda on the A109, this is where NOTDEC Uganda gets its water.  Fed from the very rainy Rwenzori Mountains, it has never been known to run dry.