How did child sponsorship begin?


Don't doubt it: God moves in mysterious ways!

Drs Andrew and Sarah Hodges, members of St Paul’s Church in Leamington Spa went to work at Kagando Hospital in 1992. There they met Dorothy Nzirambi who was already caring for orphaned and destitute children in a home provided for her close to the hospital.  Because of their interest, St Paul's decided to raise money for Kagando Hospital, Kagando Primary School and  "Dorothy’s Orphanage” as a Missionary Gift Day project. 

Then, in 2002, two members of St Paul’s — Janet & Anthony Johnston — decided to visit their youngest son who was working in Uganda and had been very ill.  Whilst there, remembering the Gift Day project, they also visited Dorothy in Kisinga.  She was clearly struggling to provide even basic care for the children. 

On their return to Leamington Spa, they showed photographs of “Dorothy’s Orphanage” to their friends.  Two groups of friends both suggested setting up something to help Dorothy with the costs of looking after all those children — and the Child Sponsorship Scheme was born.  It is now a registered charity — NOTDEC UK. 

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