Detailed question

What other challenges face NOTDEC in relation to education?


These pages focus on meeting each child's need to achieve a good and appropriate level education. There, the main challenges are about what we can do to help improve school performance — not just by providing the best possible start in the nursery, but by looking at motivation, careers advice and so on.  We don't want kids who do better at school, but hate it.  We want them to do better at school because that is what they want. This will always be a work in progress.

Longer term, we also face a number of major challenges, which may affect the kind of education and upbringing NOTDEC Uganda will be able to provide going forward:

  • Resettling children with their wider families ("Repatriation") — removing many from local schools and NOTDEC Uganda's Christian teaching
  • The rising cost of further and higher education — making it harder to send to University all NOTDEC Uganda children who could get there
  • The shortage of jobs for qualified people - making children wonder why they should work hard at school if there aren't worthwhile jobs at the end of it all.

These issues are considered in more detail in Challenges: Education & Upbringing, where the question is set in the broader context of the kind of upbringing we aim to offer to the children in our care.