Announcement from Canon Jehoshaphat

20th March 2017

Chairman of NOTDEC Uganda Trustees, Canon Jehoshaphat, has announced that NOTDEC Uganda is introducing a new management structure and is therefore advertising two new senior management posts at its Kabirizi site.  These are:

  • Director - NOTDEC's new chief executive, to whom all other senior managers will report
  • Senior Finance Manager/Accountant - reporting to the Director and responsible for all aspects of NOTDEC's finances and financial planning.

The two positions have been advertised locally - including on local radio - and job descriptions have been published.  For practical reasons, candidates must be fluent in Lhukonzo (the main local language) so it is unlikely that anyone from the UK will wish to apply.  Interviews have been scheduled for 7th April.

We pray that God will guide the local trustees though the interviewing and selection process, and that they will appoint two individuals who will work together according to His will.  In a changing and challenging environment, we pray that the new senior managers will take NOTDEC Uganda forward so that it may continue to make a difference for abandoned, bereaved and needy children in Western Uganda.