Child F.G.

FG was born on in June.20XX to GG from Gulu in northern Uganda. Her father is a Ugandan soldier.  The two split up, but since GG was from Gulu and had no-one to house and feed her,   FG’s father paid the rent for her of a place in Kasese.  But, in due course, he abandoned GG and the child.

Dorothy and Milly’s sister, Trypheana Nzilamba learnt of GG's plight and took her on both as a house minder and to help look after her grandchildren: GG could look after FG at the same time.

This arrangement worked well for a couple of months, by which time FG was 15 months old. But then GG started leaving FG alone in the bed at night and sneaking out to visit the army base in Kasese municipality about 1½ km away.  If FG cried in the night Trypheana would rarely hear GG comforting her; and the following morning GG would pretend that she was in house but had woken very early to visit the toilet. Eventually, Trypheana reported her behaviour to the officer in charge of the barracks.  GG was warned not to leave her daughter unsupervised, but she took no notice.

One Saturday morning Trypheana went for prayers, leaving her grandchildren in GG's care.  She got a call telling her that her grandchildren had been left in the house alone and locked in.  When Trypheana checked she found it was true — and FG was there too.  GG had abandoned all the children, including her own daughter.  This Trypheana reported to the Family & Child Protection Unit in Kasese.

Trypheana then looked after FG until she reached nursery age (c 3½) in January 20XX.  But, having no work to bring in a steady income, she could not afford to educate FG and approached the labour office and Kasese Municipal Council for Education Assistance.  They referred her to NOTDEC.

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