Christmas at NOTDEC

In the UK, the first signs of Christmas appear in the shops in late September.  From then on in, it's one huge snowball of hype willing us to spend, spend, spend.

At NOTDEC Uganda, it's very different...

Jingle Bells

British kids look forward for months to that night in December when Santa will park his sleigh on the rooftops ...

Children at NOTDEC Uganda have no such illusions. They know that Christmas presents aren't brought by Santa Claus. 

They're brought by Mama Janet..

And they know it's NOT DEC-ember at all.  Mama JANet, comes in JANuary — though, even after she's arrived, they're not sure exactly when they will get their present. So instead of looking up chimneys, they follow her around, and peep through windows, so they don't miss anything...

If it's all too much for kids who get countless presents each year, just imagine the anticipation of the child who gets only one — yours!


Of course, we don't forget the staff.  They get presents too!  Then they dash to grab one of the last few scarves, and dance to celebrate!. 

It's not just the children who get excited — whose lives NOTDEC Uganda has changed!