Why ALL Money Can't Go To Uganda

Some people are suspicious about where the money they give to charities actually goes. So NOTDEC UK guarantees that 100% of money donated to Child Welfare goes to and is spent in Uganda. 

But why can't ALL donations to NOTDEC UK go to Uganda?  That would certainly be better for the Ugandan economy.

The Short Answer

NOTDEC Uganda needs far more than just cash.  It needs:

  • help with planning & design, 
  • access to specialist products & services, 
  • technical expertise - on construction, vehicles etc.
  • day-to-day management advice
  • external scrutiny — to assure donors that it is doing a good job.


NOTDEC UK helps in all these areas, but only by spending money outside Uganda on things like... 

  • Publicity & Fundraising (including this website).  NOTDEC UK has  to spend in the UK to raise money for Uganda.

  • Travel & Subsistence. To understand the issues that NOTDEC Uganda faces in the context of the local culture, NOTDEC UK volunteers must spend time at the orphanage   Only then can they give sound advice to NOTDEC Uganda and worthwhile reassurance to donors. Volunteers pay all their own travel costs via donations to NOTDEC UK.  NOTDEC UK has no choice but to spend that money on  travel & subsistence!

  • Specialist Services.  The Ugandan orphanage buildings were designed in the UK, and that design paid for in Sterling.  Wells drilled prospecting for water were billed in the UK: the supplier preferred it,  so it was cheaper.  NOTDEC UK is best placed to source such specialist help.

  • Equipment & Materials Purchases  NOTDEC UK buys specialist parts for the tractor & pumps, door locks, tools, even printer cartridges, laundry gloves and some building materials in the UK because the quality is far better than in Uganda. We bought 3 new computers here to configure before taking them to Uganda.  We can do the best for NOTDEC Uganda if we can shop around and buy some goods in the UK. 

Two heads — two sets of ideas — are better than one. NOTDEC as a whole is stronger because both NOTDEC Uganda and NOTDEC UK are able to give of their best to make NOTDEC a partnership that works.  You can trust NOTDEC UK to spend your money only where we believe it is in the best interests of the children at NOTDEC Uganda.

Want to Know More?

For chapter and verse on the whys and wherefores of NOTDEC UK's spending, see The Long Answer — though it is wearingly  long!

Of course, you don't need to go there.  Instead, you could just donate to the Child Welfare Fund — 100% of which is guaranteed to go to Uganda to be spent to benefit the NOTDEC kids there.  That way, you won't need to worry about whether NOTDEC UK volunteers pay for their own stamps and petrol — though, in fact, they do!

Or, if you prefer, read on ...