How Your Money is Spent

ALL Money Donated for Child Welfare Goes 100% to Uganda

NOTDEC UK employs NO staff, and pays NO-ONE for administration or volunteering. So NO overheads nibble away at your donations.

In financial year 2013-14 our donors gave us £153,170. And we spent £151,435. Where did that money go?

Child Welfare 56%

All child sponsorship and similar donations are sent out to Uganda. What  this money bought is shown below.

Construction & Vehicles 25%

Underground water storage tanks & a toilet block were built and the 7th bungalow finished.  Final payments were made on the tractor, water bowser and implements.

Equipment & Services 13%

Quality spares difficult to get in Uganda — for the pumps & tractor, even good door locks. In the past also design work, and drilling for water.

Travel 6%

UK volunteers visit NOTDEC Uganda to check it out, deliver Christmas presents and help. It has to be in the accounts, but you don't pay for it.  The volunteers do – via matching donations.  Following HMRC rules, Gift Aid is then claimed on these donations, unless they were raised by personal sponsorship (when Gift Aid is not allowed). 


To find more donors, we print leaflets, develop a website etc. Spend in 2014 was tiny.

Bank Charges

To transfer money abroad, you need a bank account — which means charges. Currently we don't pay for the transfers themselves.

How Money is Spent in Uganda

NOTDEC was set up by Ugandans, for Ugandans; and, quite properly, all spending decisions are made by local people who understand the local culture and conditions.  If NOTDEC UK thought money was not being spent wisely, we would — and if necessary do — ask questions, and offer detailed suggestions and advice.  But the buck is Ugandan. And we are very happy with the results of our partnership.

The chart shows figures for 2014 in Ugandan Shillings (at the time of writing £1 = 5100 UGX).  In 2014, the rate was typically under 4,300 so Expenditure totalling 360.6M UGX then cost us c£84,000.

Over a third of expenditure is on Food: growing kids eat a lot, and infant formula is extortionate.  Add Non-Food goods (from disinfectant & matches to bedding & gerry cans), Schooling (fees & materials), Health (medicines & hospital fees), and Other Expenses and you're already over 70% of the total.

At only 18%, Staff Wages & Salaries are tiny by UK standards.  Though Ugandan pay rates are extremely low, many staff live on site — as house-mothers or in staff accommodation — and are fed and watered on site too.  So expenditure on Food, Non-Foods and Fuel (used for the tractor and pump when getting water) isn't ALL for the children — it includes some staff costs. 

Call Hawk-Eye

NOTDEC Uganda's accounts are fully audited in Uganda, and double-checked in the UK.  Always, the verdict is the same: very good.  And of course, NOTDEC UK visits regularly too.

Why Can't ALL Money Go to Uganda?

NOTDEC UK Trustees think that way too.  To find out, see...