What is "Repatriation"?


"Repatriation" is a slight sardonic Ugandan term for the Ugandan Government's policy of resettling orphans with any of their wider family that is willing to take them — provided, of course, that they're looked after properly.  

Particularly in rural areas, Ugandan society is still family-based: not having access to a wide family network is potentially a further disadvantage of being an orphan.  So, for a child's long-term well-being, it really is better if they can go to live with what family they still have, and can build the same family bonds as everyone else.  That is an important part of ensuring that each child becomes a well-adjusted and useful member of society, rather than a misfit locked into a dependency culture.  In Ugandan society, the family is a support network — one far cheaper and infinitely more flexible than anything Social Services could provide, even in a well-resourced Western economy. The Ugandan Government's policy of "Repatriation" may seem very harsh, but there is method in their madness!