Road Access

When the idea of building a new orphanage near the village of Kabirizi was first mooted, there was a big problem.

No Road Through

NOTDEC Uganda's land wasn't on a road — any road, let alone a main road.  It was mainly cotton fields.

Though the site had no water either, at the time, drilling a well was confidently expected to sort that out. 

But road access was essential to bring in food and get children to school.  Otherwise, NOTDEC Uganda could be held to ransom to cross someone else's land.  Building a new orphanage coudn't start without road access. 

This became a subject of much prayer.

More Problems

The land near Kabirizi was in three parcels — one a gift to Dorothy from Dr Andrew and Sarah Hodges; one owned by Milly; and a third purchased from Ainea Kambere, Chairman of Kabirizi Farmers' Co-operative.

Exaggerating slightly, there were three scattered pocket-handkerchiefs which, together, didn't form a single large block and didn't front a road.

Simple Solution

After a great deal of discussion and prayer, the answer was simple — a "land swap".

Kabirizi Farmers' Co-operative had land fronting the main road (Kasese - Bwera); and, as their main interest was in farming, this was of little value to them.  But they saw the need for an orphanage, which they knew would need road access.

Eventually therefore, with Ainea's help, NOTDEC Uganda agreed to buy one parcel, and KFC to swap another.  Milly too agreed to a swap.  And — hey presto — a single consolidated parcel fronting the main road.

Prayers answered! 

Building could begin — with the orphanage set well back and an access drive out onto the main road. "Prepare ye the way of the Lord!"

The Highway

The picture shows the tractor and water bowser in 2015 turning out of the access drive and onto the main road.  They're going to the river to fetch the water that no one imagined we'd need!

Count Your Blessings

The connection with Ainea Kambere — a Christian — proved providential in many ways.  He is now a trustee of NOTDEC Uganda.